Saturday, April 12, 2014

What Is Shy Bladder And Why Does It Occur?

When the question comes up as to what is shy bladder, it is a subject that no one really wants to talk about. Sure, it is slightly embarrassing, but to the person who has the condition, it is a catastrophe.

What is shy bladder syndrome is a question that many people will never ask, but if you know someone who has it, or if you have it yourself, then you probably would like to know what causes it and what you can do about it.

Having a shy bladder simply means that when you attempt to uninate, you can't. There  doesn't seem to be anything the matter physically in situations  where people have shy bladder, and it does seem to be psychological.

There is a medical condition where a male can have considerable difficulty urinating if he has an enlarged prostate gland, because the gland presses into the urethra and resulting in a constriction that causes difficulty in urination.

But shy bladder is altogether different in that the condition is solely caused by emotions and nerves. It can become a chronic condition, because the person who has it tries to out think themselves until they get to the point that no matter what they do, things just don't work.

It seems that anxiety and conscious focus will interrupt and prevent natural processes from occurring. For example, when people become anxious about going to sleep at night, they find that consciously attempting to go to sleep, actually prevents them from going to sleep. In a similar fashion when the process of urinating becomes an issue and an effort, a simple and natural function such as urinating gets disrupted.

The unconscious mind handles lots of things in our bodies such as blinking, digestion, erections, breathing, saliva, our heartbeat, and numerous other bodily processes that are too numerous to mention.

One way to combat the issue and maybe answer the question of what is shy bladder and why do I have it, is to tell yourself that tonight I (meaning the conscious mind) am going to let you (meaning the unconscious mind) take care of everything that you are supposed to take care of. It can be surprising how short, little self-talks like that can change things. Just having that talk with your unconscious mind can have a positive step in the right direction occur and you might be rid of the problem.

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